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Sump Pump Failure Solutions
Sump Pump Failure Solutions

Sump pumps fail due to power outages, clogs, frozen pipes, and more. Prevent water damage by understanding causes and contacting plumbers for solutions to extend pump life.

High Gas Bill?
What Should I Do About A High Gas Bill?

If your monthly gas bill rises suddenly for no clear reason, the cause could be a gas leak from old pipes or appliances. Contact your provider to investigate.

Remove Scale Hot Water Systems
How To Remove Scale From Hot Water Systems

Scale buildup reduces the efficiency of hot water systems over time. Regular descaling helps remove this. Flush your system with vinegar or a descaling solution.

Maintain hot water system effectively
Maintain your hot water system effectively

To keep your hot water system operating efficiently you should drain the tank annually to remove sediment, check the temperature relief valve every 6 months and replace the anode rod every 5 years. Simple maintenance can extend the life of your system. Contact Cronulla Plumbing to book a hot water service.

Ideal Placement Hot Water System Installation
Ideal Placement for Hot Water System Installation

When installing a hot water system, the ideal location is in a well-ventilated area close to water outlets like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry. This allows hot water to reach taps faster. Consider areas with space for maintenance access. Our experts ensure correct placement for efficiency and safety.

Hot Water Home? ’
No Hot Water At Home? Here’s What To Do

If you have no hot water, first check if the pilot light on your hot water system has gone out. Also inspect for any gas leaks or see if the gas supply has been switched off. If none of those are the issue, contact a licensed plumber to help get your hot water system working again.

Safely Dispose Gas Appliances
Safely Dispose of Old Gas Appliances

If you have old gas appliances you need to dispose of, it’s important to do so properly and safely. You can take non-working appliances to your local waste facility. For working appliances, consider donating them. Our experts at Cronulla Plumbing can also help you safely remove old gas appliances.

Pipe Patching Pipe Relining: Key Differences
Pipe Patching vs Pipe Relining: Key Differences

Pipe patching and pipe relining are two methods of repairing damaged pipes without full replacement. Patching involves placing a patch over a small damaged area of pipe, while relining coats the inside of the full pipe length with a protective lining. Relining is more effective for extensive pipe damage.

pays emergency plumbing rental?
Who pays for emergency plumbing in a rental?

Tenants are not responsible for plumbing repairs or maintenance in a rental property. The landlord must ensure the plumbing is in reasonable working order and pay to fix any issues like burst pipes or blocked drains. For fast, 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs in your rental, contact our team today.

Susceptible Plumbing Pipes Pipe Emergencies?
How Susceptible are Plumbing Pipes to Pipe Emergencies?

Different plumbing pipe materials have varying susceptibility to emergencies like freezing winters or fires. Copper and cast iron pipes are more vulnerable to freezing bursts, while PEX is more resilient. Contact Cronulla Plumbing to learn which pipe types suit your home and situation.

Gas Appliances Energy Efficient
Make Gas Appliances More Energy Efficient

There are several ways to improve the efficiency of your gas appliances and save on energy bills. Use flat-bottomed pans, lids when cooking, and ensure appliances are well-maintained. Consider upgrading to more efficient models or switching to electric where possible.

7 Essential Tools Homeowner Plumbing Emergencies
7 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Have for Plumbing Emergencies

Having the right tools ready in case of a plumbing emergency is crucial. Every home should be equipped with essentials like a pipe wrench to tighten pipes, a heavy-duty plunger to clear clogs, leak detection tools, protective gloves, a drain auger, pliers, and screwdrivers.

Plumbers Fix Water Quality Issues?
Can Plumbers Fix Water Quality Issues?

Water quality issues like brown tap water, corrosion, and leaks can affect the safety of your drinking water. Contact a licensed plumber to properly identify and fix these problems, ensuring healthier water quality and better plumbing system maintenance.

Steps Involved Pipe Relining Process?
What Are the Steps Involved in the Pipe Relining Process?

The pipe relining process starts with a CCTV inspection to assess damage levels. The pipe is then cleaned before a resin-lined tube is inserted. The resin bonds to the pipe walls to repair cracks and leaks. Relining avoids the need to dig up and replace pipes.

Differences Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Blockages
Differences Between Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Blockages

Kitchen sink blockages typically occur from food particles, oil and grease building up over time. Bathroom sinks commonly clog with hair, soap scum and other debris. We explain the key differences in what causes clogs and how to properly unblock kitchen versus bathroom sinks.

pets block drains?
Can pets block my drains?

Pets like dogs and cats can contribute to clogged drains when their fur or feces enter pipes. Hair and waste can clump and expand to block drainage. Getting professional plumbing service to unblock pipes is the fastest solution.

mixing valve?
Do you need a mixing valve?

Mixing valves, also called tempering valves or thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs), blend hot and cold water to produce a constant, safe temperature that prevents scalds. They are commonly installed in homes with young children or elderly residents. Contact us to learn if your Cronulla home needs one.

Signs Relined Pipes
Signs Your Relined Pipes Need Help

Relined pipes can show signs of future problems like strange noises, bad smells, slow drainage, water backups, and pipe damage. At the first sign of trouble, contact a professional plumber right away to avoid bigger issues.

’ Warranty Relined Pipes?
What’s the Warranty on Relined Pipes?

Pipe relining provides a long-lasting solution, with most companies offering a 50 year product warranty on relined pipes. This ensures the liners are free from defects for decades. Contact our team of expert plumbers to get your pipes assessed and relined with a guaranteed, warranted solution.

Detect stop water hammers
Detect and stop water hammers

Water hammers in hot water systems cause loud banging noises from sudden pressure changes when valves close. They can seriously damage pipes and joints. Simple fixes involve adjusting water pressure, securing pipes, installing arrestors and clearing air pockets.

Businesses Gas Fitting
What Businesses Should Know About Gas Fitting

Gas appliances provide efficient heating and energy for businesses, but only licensed gas fitters have the expertise to install and maintain them properly. Learn what qualifications and experience to look for when hiring a gas fitter, and why regular servicing and safety checks are vital.

Childproof Gas Appliances
Childproof Your Gas Appliances

Learn the best ways to childproof your gas appliances and keep your children safe. Find safety covers and locks to prevent accidents and ensure peace of mind.

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