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What Causes Water Hammers in Hot Water Systems

To prevent water hammer in hot water systems, install water hammer arrestors on taps with quick-closing valves. An abrupt halt in water flow generates excessive pressure, a key factor in water hammer scenarios within your hot water system. Heightened tension within your home’s water system can intensify shock waves, which cause water hammer.

Loose parts near the main water supply valve can vibrate, invoking water hammer during hydraulic shocks. Over time, this force may lead to serious damage in your plumbing system, resulting in leaks and other problems.

Installing an air chamber can resolve water hammer by dampening vibrations in the hot water supply line. If an air chamber becomes waterlogged, it loses effectiveness and can damage internal plumbing; fitting water hammer arrestors can be a beneficial solution.

Identifying the Source of Water Hammers

Identify potential water hammer sources by inspecting areas around the main water shut-off and all visible supply lines and joints. Ensure plumbing pipes are firmly secured to walls and ceilings using pipe straps, particularly around the shut-off valve. Inspect for unstable ducts that might generate water hammer-like noises during sudden air expansion or compression.

Inspect all valves, including the main faucet, for worn components that could cause leaks and water hammer. Ensure you replace worn out shut off valves, which can weaken your water supply causing issues like water hammer.

Employ a water pressure device and verify your water hammer indicators at the main water valve, which is key to preventing unnecessary stress on your plumbing system. Water pressure exceeding 80 PSI in the main system may require adjustments to prevent damage. Halting operations due to elevated water pressure, the steps to stop water hammer effectively could require the installation of a pressure regulating valve for reducing it to a safer range like 50-60 PSI.

Examine how water hammer might be affecting your system’s reliability at the shutoff valve and ensure that air chambers near hot taps remain effective against shock. Waterlogged air chambers become ineffective in absorbing vibrations that cause water hammer.

Activate all taps in your abode, then meticulously shut off water to differentiate if the origin of the noise is from cold or hot water lines. This process should target the fixture in need of water hammer solutions where you distinctly hear sound indicative of the issue.

Testing for Water Hammers

A tradesperson may use several common methods to determine if loud banging or noise indicates water hammer that requires attention:

  1. After closing the main tap, open the nearest one to flush the system, listening for sounds indicating plumbing variations. Inspect for any air pockets transforming into air bubbles or lingering water. Then, turn off water supply and back on, and listen for persistent sound when water stops in your system.
  2. Identify the specific fixture causing noisy water by alternately turning taps on and off individually. Take note if the noise can be heard only at a certain tap, as this should assist in pinpointing the banging sound’s source.
  3. Ascertain if your washing machine or other devices trigger the racket, determining whether it’s a thermal fluctuation or a specific appliance. Water hammer typically arises when there’s an imbalance specifically in the hot water system.
  4. Inspect areas where you hear the most banging noise. Run your fingers along each water pipe to detect any vibrations synchronising with the stark sounds in your pipes water hammer.

If you have identified water hammer and are unsure how to fix it, consider hiring a plumber for a complete resolution.

When to Call a Professional Plumber

Engage a plumber to install water hammer arrestors if your own efforts fail or if you are unsure about performing certain repairs.

Specifically, if you’re wondering how to stop water hammer and need a hammer fix, reach out to a licensed plumber if:

  • persistent banging or knocking continues despite turning off valves, securing pipes, adjusting water pressure, or adding new valves or arrestors
  • Drain the entire plumbing system if necessary to eliminate air pockets that might be responsible for water hammer sounds.
  • The impacted hot water piping under house are challenging to reach or situated in confined areas
  • Your water pressure levels in the home’s system exceeding 80 PSI and can easily necessitate the installation of a pressure limiting valve
  • You discover extensive pipe damage from chronic water hammer that requires replacement

Cronulla Plumbing offers professional advice on water hammer, including diagnostics and durable solutions. Reach out to our licenced, fully insured plumbers for advice or to book an appointment:

Phone: 1300 349 338 Email: jobs@cronullaplumbingservice.com.au

With over 15 years of experience serving the Cronulla area, our expertise extends to a wide range of plumbing services, including water hammer solutions. Get in touch with us for quality service and reliable plumbing repairs.

Our Expert Plumbing Services

Cronulla Plumbing, with more than 15 years of expertise, swiftly and effectively resolves water hammer problems in hot water systems.

As expert plumbers adept at resolving various plumbing issues, we provide comprehensive residential and commercial services such as:

  • Emergency plumbing - Available 24/7 to assist with urgent issues like leaks, bursts, and failures.
  • Blocked drains - Professional drain unblocking and repair using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Hot water systems - covering hot water heater installations, upkeep, mending, and upgrades with top-name devices.
  • Taps & leaks - Fixing leaky taps/valves, pipe leaks, and water hammer caused by faulty plumbing.

Our qualified, licensed, and insured plumbers are prepared to address any plumbing challenge. We cover every locality within Cronulla and take pride in the exceptional service and quality workmanship we can do.

If you need help with persistent water hammer or other plumbing issues in Cronulla, contact us to explore your options.

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We are ready to assist with all plumbing requirements in residential and commercial settings.

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